Christmas workshops coming soon
Christmas workshops coming soon
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Make Your Own Luxury Skincare Starter Kits

Do you care about the quality of the products that you put onto your skin? Do you like to decide for yourself the ingredients that you use in your skincare? Do you like the satisfaction of making things for your self? Or do you like to save money?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then these kits are for you.  

Nature Knows Better has created a range of skincare starter kits containing all the natural ingredients you need to create your own luxury three-step facial care programme, along with reusable storage containers.

By following the instructions included you will learn how to make your own rose scented cleanser, toner and moisturiser; rose scented handcreams; rose hand scrubs; spearmint, rosemary and tea tree foot care; and fr children there is a hnad cream and lip balm set that us scented with orange blossom. 

The products you will make for yourself will rival any that you can buy ready made.

And it only takes minutes to do.

You may never use shop bought products again.

Buy for yourself, or makes a great gift.